Procurement Services

Supply Chain Management & Development

Manage and develop the whole supply chain to reduce lead-times, improve on-time delivery, maintain product quality, minimise supply interruptions, lower costs and above all create a culture of continuous improvement throughout the supply chain; everyone striving to do better. And if anything does go wrong, early warning signals will enable a quick recovery.

Procurement Services

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To make maximum use of the purchasing power in the business we need an extensive purchasing toolbox and expert hands on the tools

Supplier Selection and Approval

The appointment of new suppliers is an important aspect of the professional Buyer’s responsibility and requires a careful and thorough approach. Get it right and you could reap the benefits of a mutually long trading relationship where the supplier becomes an extension to the business and is able to adapt and develop to changing circumstances and demands.

Supplier Development

A supplier development plan should be in place for all key suppliers to address any concerns with performance or where the trading circumstances are changing, necessitating action by the supplier for benefit of your business. This could be in a specific area but the objective is to encourage a culture of continuous improvement throughout the supply chain.

Whole Supply Chain Management

Events may occur along the supply chain which could have an adverse effect on your business. Knowledge of and management of all the key players in the supply chain is essential for manufacturing businesses to minimise the risk of supply interruption, to reduce lead-times and take cost out.

On-Time Delivery

For a business to operate efficiently and service its customers, every delivery of material or service from its suppliers must be on time and in full.
Many businesses achieve this but at the expense of long lead times which result in unnecessarily high stockholding. We can have on-time delivery and a lean supply chain.

Supplier Performance

Measuring how key suppliers perform highlights where the problems are, provides the evidence and encourages the supplier to improve. We all react differently when being measured so it makes sense to apply this to suppliers.