Procurement Services

Quality and Safety

We cannot measure quality in terms of being “high” or “low”. The quality of something is determined by comparing a set of inherent characteristics with a set of requirements.
If those inherent characteristics meet all the requirements, the desired quality is achieved.

Procurement Services

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To make maximum use of the purchasing power in the business we need an extensive purchasing toolbox and expert hands on the tools

To ensure the product, material or service we are purchasing meets the quality expectations it is necessary to define those requirements and then take measures to ensure compliance. Procurement Best Practice includes the preparation and documentation of the requirements as well as procedures and practices to ensure compliance.

NPI (New Product Introduction)

Accepting unapproved and unproven purchased material or product into the supply chain can result in failures and delays in your manufacturing process or worse still, some considerable time later when failures are identified in the field. This can soon escalate to expensive warranty claims and recall.

A formal process and a culture of new product validation and approval, offer significant benefits to any business. These benefits were recognised long ago by the automotive industry with the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP). All businesses purchasing goods for processing or factoring should employ this discipline.

Material Traceability

Tracing the origins of a material or product through the supply chain is necessary in the event of experiencing a quality problem. This does not have to be complicated or time consuming or costly; but it can save unnecessary time and cost when the inevitable problem occurs.

Health & Safety

We all have a responsibility to ensure that purchased product is safe to handle and process within our own business but also to distribute to our customers. Measures and processes need to be put in place to accomplish this requirement.