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Cost, Cash, Currency and Contract | Procurement Best Practice

Procurement Best Practice, applied by a knowledgeable and professional Procurement Team should reduce costs, release cash and manage the currency risk. The financial benefit to the business can be substantial; making the difference between profit and loss or funding cash draining growth or providing funds for much needed product development.

Procurement Services

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To make maximum use of the purchasing power in the business we need an extensive purchasing toolbox and expert hands on the tools

Terms and Conditions

It is essential for the company to have its own Terms and Conditions of Purchase and ensure the terms are kept up to date as the business changes. Well written T&C’s invariably give the company a commercial and contractual advantage if used correctly. Avoid the sometimes tempting offer to agree to agree at a later date on issues which should be documented at the outset.

Supply Contract

A Supply Contract is good business practice. While the document may have to be used at some stage to bring a supplier into line or used to support a claim, a well documented trading relationship so often avoids problems occurring and keeps the relationship on track.

Document the objective or purpose of the trading relationship and map out what is agreed from product or service description to the expectations of each party to commercial considerations. People who make verbal agreements often move on leaving their successors a headache when something goes wrong.